Create meaningful reading moments with your child

When children read they exercise their brain; improve their concentration and achieve better in school.

  • First and foremost - reading with your child should be enjoyable!
  • You've got to go the extra mile....reading with your child involves more than simply reading the words on the page. Talking about the pictures and linking them with experiences provide invaluable learning opportunities and makes the experience meaningful. 
  • Use tone and inflection in your reading style to create drama in your story.
  • Linger over the pages your child finds interesting. Try not to rush.
  • Children learn by asking questions. Take time to answer their questions and ask simple questions of your own to gauge your child's learning.
  • Your child may wish to read to you, constructing their version of the story through the pictures. Applaud this! Your child is developing early literacy skills as they make sense of the story.
  • Often a child will ask for the same story, over and over and over again! While you may be bored to tears, try and remember that repetition equals learning with young children. 
  • Reading to your child at bedtime creates routine and is a great bonding time for you and your child to snuggle up and enjoy quiet time together. .

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