Road Test on our Portable Magnet Boards

Don't take our word for it.

Felicity at The Baby Vine road tested our Portable Magnet Activity Boards with her children, Cassie (5) and Vivi (3).


While there are no doubt times I hand over my phone to keep the kids entertained at a table in a cafe (I am only human), we try to limit this as much as possible. This means coming up with fabulous ways to keep them entertained! 

Cassie (5) loves to draw, which is great. Though it does get a little messy when her siblings grab for the pencils – and we always seem to leave some behind!
Vivi (3) has a lot less patience and prefers to bring toys out with her. This fills up my bag in minutes. Plus, she gets bored after a few minutes’ of play.
Thankfully, these gorgeous magnetic boards arrived just before the big day, so I brought them along to test out. They were a huge hit! These magnetic boards are creative, fun and provided plenty of entertainment for the girls. ✅
Firstly, one of the best features of these boards is just how portable they are. I didn’t need to relinquish all the room in my handbag to accommodate them. Win! The fold and go design also means kids can carry them on their own, with the little carry handle just built for them. ✅
Once they open up, kids can use the sticky magnets to create a scene of their own. We had fun with the Australian Animals board and then the Beach Picnic board. The best part? These re-usable pieces can be stuck down and moved around as many times as kids like. There are endless play opportunities as they re-create a different scene every time they play.
The concept is so simple, yet so amazingly fun for kids. ✅
I loved just how entertained Vivi was. At just three, there isn’t much that gets her to sit still for long, but this did the job. She loves stickers, and being able to move these magnetic ones around the board and rearrange them as she liked with the best entertainment ever. ✅
I loved that she was not only still and quiet, but learning in the process.
It was also great for her fine motor skills, as she peeled off and re-stuck each piece. Plus, amazing for her imagination.
These portable magnet boards have now found a permanent place inside my handbag and will be my go to every time I need a moment or two when we're out! ✅
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