#homeschooled - PART 2

5 Home Skills to teach Preschoolers.

  1. Cook up a storm together.
  2. Wash the car or dog.
  3. Fold towels.
  4. Sort a cupboard or their bedroom together.
  5. Set the table


5 things Preschoolers can do at home for pocket money.

Ok, so they are little people and most probably will need lots of supervision. Practice makes perfect.

  1. Wash dishes.
  2. Weed the garden.
  3. Tidy their bedroom.
  4. Sort old toys for the op shop.
  5. Brush the dog.


5 messy play activities you can do at home with Preschoolers.

Take sensory play one step further, and let them get messy! These are outside play activities… just hose them off lol

  1. Shave cream sensory play (add food dye for beautiful colour).
  2. Coloured spaghetti worms.
  3. Finger painting, or body painting. Paddle pool on hand to wash off!
  4. Mud pies with flowers & twigs.
  5. Construction truck set up, add dirt, mud, rocks and tunnels.

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