#homeschooled - PART 3


5 Pretend Play activities to do at home with Preschoolers.

I have used all of these ideas numerous times in my day care, they are always a hit and don’t require too many props to set up. If you can add a few ‘real’ pieces to the mix, little people love this.

  1. Teddy bear’s picnic outside with chamomile tea and cupcakes.
  2. Set up a café or pizza shop using recycled boxes or empty food containers.
  3. Set up a Veterinarian clinic with a play doctors set and soft toys.
  4. Set up an office with notepads, calculators, and telephone.
  5. Washing a baby doll with tub of water, soap suds and flannel.

5 Gross Motor / Physical Activities to do at home with your Preschooler.       

These activities are great for using us some of that endless energy. ⁠

Gross motor activities helps children by developing: muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination & postural control. Not to mention self confidence and a healthy outlook on life.⁠

  1. Obstacle Course.
  2. Dance, sing and boogie the house down.
  3. Yoga for children. Try Cosmic Kids Yoga on UTube – it’s awesome!
  4. Hula hoops (you can use these in your obstacle course too.)
  5. Hopscotch.


5 FamilyTime activities to do at home with Preschoolers.

I love family bonding sessions. Simply playing with your children and being fully engaged with them create meaningful moments and memories with your children. 

  1. Pull out the family photo’s from past holidays & talk about family memories.
  2. Show them their baby album.
  3. Play charades, you can keep it simple for little people. Theme it – nursery rhymes or kids movies.
  4. Play ‘musical statues’.
  5. Hold a family meeting. The agenda can be anything from planning the next family holiday to a creating a vision board collage on weekend activities. Little people love being involved in decision making and their ideas acknowledged.

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