Road Tripping With Kids

Holidays are upon us.

Here are some must have tips to stress less and have fun.


  1. Talk about the trip beforehand.

Prepare them mentally. Some children need more routine than others. The more age appropriate details you can provide, the calmer your child will be. Look at a map together and learn about your destination. Plan together and involve younger children where you can. Get them excited!

On each day of the trip, give some details about how your day will look. A short explanation of the whole day is reassuring to children and really can help avoid those meltdowns.

  1. Don’t overpack.

Think about the necessities that you may need. A well stocked back pack however, will be your saviour. Pack it with healthy snacks and small toys or activities.

  1. Snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Keep their tummies full to stop tummies and children grumbling. Keep it healthy. You don't want to overload them with sugar and have hyperactive kids bouncing around in the car. 

  1. Take breaks often.

Stretch your legs, toilet breaks or plan to visit an interesting place on the way. Stopping for a half hour in a beautiful natural environment will bring cranky kids back to baseline.

  1. The dreaded “Are we there yet?”

Can be curbed with the above mentioned backpack and some family games on hand you can all play to pass the time. Family bonding time with a sing a long can be fun.

  1. Buy something small and exciting.

Such as a toy, activity or book and don’t tell them. When they start getting antsy, bring it out to keep them happy and focused.

  1. Travel with basic medicines and a small medicine kit.                             Don’t forget the bandaids!

     8. Remember, children are unpredictable.

They are often more prone to meltdowns in unfamiliar territory.  Learn to laugh it off when the storm passes. Get your family back on track and don’t let a bad day or a couple of crazy hours spoil your hols. This is the stuff of family memories.

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